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Medical Billing Service Version

Horizon is a tremendous tool for Medical Billing Services!

One big reason is it's "Front Office" capability which provides the Billing Service's clients with all of the "non-billing" functionality they could desire -- such as Appointment Scheduling, Recalls, Registration, Inquiry, etc. Second, it contains many specialized--and invaluable--features for managing multiple practices.

"Front Office" is a Value-Added Product You Can Sell!

Billing Services are, by definition, businesses whose purpose is to allow physician practices to outsource their billing requirements. As the result, physician practices can reduce their in-house staffing needs while at the same time benefiting from the efficiencies, expertise and concentrated efforts of the professional billing service in maximizing their reimbursement and collections.

One problem, of course, is that medical practices still need computerized appointment scheduling, patient inquiry, registration, recalls, and other functions separate from the billing tasks performed by the Billing Service. With Horizon, your clients are able to connect to their data on your Billing Service computer and perform these other daily needs as if they had their own system in-house! Secure remote connections via the Internet.

Your clients will be presented with clear Horizon "Front Office" screens which only display the areas of the program which they operate. This avoids confusion and helps simplify the program for your training purposes. Your Billing Service staff, on the other hand, will have access to ALL functions including the complete billing and reporting tools you need.

Multiple Practices are Incredibly Easy to Manage

Because Billing Services process information for multiple physician practices and handle vast volumes of information, they have special operational requirements. Horizon offers a separate Billing Service Version that contains numerous features to allow clients to process the maximum information for multiple data sets accurately and quickly.

Some of the unique features are: