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HL-7 Interface for Medical Data

Utilizing the HL-7 Standard interface for Health Records

The HL7 interface is built specifically for the healthcare industry. It connects legacy systems by using a standard messaging protocol. This is a standard for sharing medical billing and practice management data. Connect HorizonMIS™ to any EMR, EHR, Lab, etc.

Because hospitals and other healthcare providers usually have different systems for different aspects of services, they are often unable to communicate with each other. HL7 gets around that problem by providing the framework for the exchange, integration, sharing and retrieval of electronic health information. These standards are the most commonly used throughout the world.

For our partners; here is a PDF of our specification sheet.

HL-7 Specs HL-7 Specification Sheet for interfacing with HorizonMIS™

Here are a few of the current interfaces with HorizonMIS™ that are exchanging data with the HL-7 standard. HorizonMIS™ can and will connect to any system utilizing this standard.

Current EMR and EHR

Praxis EMR YouTube Demo Video Demo 1 YouTube Demo Video Demo 2 YouTube Demo Video Demo 3

Fully Certified Template-Free Charting from Praxis EMR - The only Electronic Medical Record that gets Smarter and Faster the more you use it.

Med Connect

MedConnect offers solutions intended to remove the barriers that are preventing clinics from implementing Electronic Health Record systems.

Streamline MD



Medinotes (now called Eclipsys)

Encounter Pro

Current E-Prescribe

Allscripts - single HL7 dump has been our only installation. Real time is available, but not as cheap. The clients who want Allscripts E-Prescribe and don't have the Allscripts EMR elected to only have the one time data dump and maintain the patient data in tandem after that.

Prematics - real time Web Service based system. Sponsored or promoted by Availity because they use Availity for the E-Prescribing functions.

Current LAB Interfaces

Labcorp - both pure HL7 and TCP/IP Query / Response method.