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Practice Management & Medical Billing Features


Horizon consists of a basic system which can be accessorized with optional integrated modules to meet your particular needs. The system has the following capabilities:

Ease of Use

Staff turnover and training are legitimate concerns for most medical practices. New employees can be productive on Horizon almost immediately! Simple instructions and prompts for information are displayed on each screen. Pop-up windows display choice lists so data entry is easier and more accurate. Warning windows caution users about problem accounts. Reference information (e.g., insurance companies, appointment requirements, patient instructions, etc.) can be set to display to users when an appropriate situation is encountered. And, of course, on-screen help and manuals provide excellent training and reference materials.

Remote Access

With the proper password and user ID, you can call up your system from a PC at any location (e.g., at home, the hospital, or other office sites). You can even access through the Internet!

And talk about security! Your data can be protected in 3 ways: (1) encryption, (2) limiting access to the computer by either allowing or prohibiting specific remote IP addresses, and (3) controlling access to data sets, to particular areas of the program, or to particular times on an authorized user-by-user basis.

Multi-Tasking and Multi-Sessioning

Horizon runs under a true multi-user operating system which allows you to perform multiple tasks from each workstation simultaneously. "Hot keys" allow you to jump immediately between up to 8 activities per workstation and return right where you left off. For example, you can start printing patient statements … then switch to enter transactions … then flip over to answer a quick telephone inquiry … then jump to set an appointment … then switch back to entering transactions … and all the while the computer continues processing the patient statements to completion. Tasks are processed at speed in background mode and are not "suspended" as with many competing systems.

Warning Windows

It's possible to eliminate lists and loose notes around the office. Warnings will appear in a bright "warning" box which displays when a patient's record is accessed. Certain warnings that will be automatically generated by the system are: Self-pay patients (no insurance); accounts that are currently or have previously been in collections; and accounts which require pre-authorization numbers which are missing or out of date. You can also input messages that your staff needs to know when they next encounter a patient (for example, "Collect $100 on 8/15 visit per patient promise", or "Need new address", or "Patient dismissed").

Open Item and Balance Forward Accounting

Unlike other systems, Horizon gives you the choice of using either open item or balance forward accounting. Open Item tracks each individual charge, applying payments, write-offs, etc. on an item by item basis. Balance Forward handles an entire claim as a unit, applying bulk payments, write-offs, etc. against each claim.

Open Item allows more detailed reporting (e.g., reimbursement by procedure by insurance company). Balance Forward allows accurate accounting with less work. The choice depends on your practice and the amount of detail desired.

Insurance Processing

Don't worry about work falling through the cracks. Horizon automatically tracks all insured procedures until final payment. It automatically warns you if any aged accounts are not receiving statements because claims are still outstanding. It also generates an insurance company Request for Claim Status list to send for follow up at the elapsed time you specify for each insurance company.

You can print individual or batched claims … print primary claims now and hold the secondary until the primary has paid … estimate a co-pay immediately so you can receive patient payment while the patient is still in the office … rebill claims on demand … track both a patient's current and expired insurance companies for refiling claims … and maintain all insurance claims until they are paid and removed (by you) from the system.

Horizon tracks up to 5 insurance policies per patient, including termination dates if applicable. This feature is especially valuable for refiling claims with insurance policies that were previously in force.

Electronic Claims

Horizon offers three options for electronic claims submission.

At this time, these offer the most comprehensive and cost effective electronic claims submission capabilities for our clients. Additional options are regularly pursued and will be implemented as the ever-changing insurance industry evolves.

Electronic Statements

Instead of printing, applying postage and mailing statements in-house, you can submit statements electronically to a specialized company that will laser print and mail them for you. Horizon offers two statement versions from which to choose. Clients have found that patient payment is much faster, and your cost is less than the materials to run them in-house.

Patient Billing

Horizon performs "automatically adjusted" cycle billing at prescribed intervals that you define. Bill anyone at any time without fear of duplication. When an insurance payment is received, it sends out an adjusted patient statement immediately (i.e., it does not wait for a common cycle such as end of the month). The next statement for that patient will be generated in the number of days that you have already specified. You can run statements daily and have patient accounts handled properly.

You can also set up special patient payment plans. The system will automatically track them and generate appropriate reminders. User-defined dunning messages are automated. A complete statement history is maintained for reference.


In addition to the standard collection features mentioned previously, Horizon offers an integrated collection module which can save significant amounts of money over standard collection agency fees. In this module, your computer automatically follows up on delinquent accounts by sending a pre-established series of letters merged with appropriate patient information. You can decide the content of up to 99 different plans. Horizon's "intelligence" modifies the letter content and mailing schedule in response to partial payments. The right letter goes out at the right time to the right person under the right conditions without staff involvement.


Horizon's reporting capability is outstanding. Just about any information you choose to track is provided through our standard management reports -- by patient, by physician, by procedure, by diagnostic code, by facility, by date, by insurance company, etc. Some reports are viewable on your screen.

Patient Recalls

Timely recalls are important from both a patient care and a liability standpoint. You can set standard recall periods for any procedure or diagnosis, and when these codes are encountered Horizon will ask if a recall should be scheduled. If you answer "yes", a follow up notice will be automatically generated at the right time and recorded in the patient's history. Additionally, patients with certain diagnoses can be monitored for follow up at regular intervals.


Horizon includes a basic correspondence module that allows you to merge specific patient information. It is useful for patient recalls, lab results reporting, reports to referring physicians, announcements, birthday greetings, etc.

You can also create information sheets to provide to patients regarding specific procedures or diagnoses, and print the appropriate one "on demand" while checking the patient out. The printout will be customized with patient name and date.

Taking Your Practice's "Pulse"

Horizon contains a special "Pulse" feature which allows you to monitor tasks that need to be performed at regular intervals. With a single keystroke, an office manager can quickly see when each task was last performed, the time interval you have set for each task, and a warning message about tasks that are overdue.


Reminders are automatically displayed through our "Tickler" system. You can file away notes for future reference, and tie each to a patient, a co-worker, or yourself. Horizon also includes a password protected Message Center (bulletin board) for internal communications.

Time-Saving Features

Your staff will be able to process more information, with greater accuracy, and at a faster speed due to numerous keystroke reducing features built into Horizon.

A few examples: City and state automatically fill in from a zip code. Extensive cross referencing recalls existing information instantly. Pop-up windows let you look up, delete, or edit records from virtually anywhere in the program. Our special "swap" feature lets you exchange new information for old and file the old for reference with a single keystroke. The full ICD-9-CM Master Code file allows you to retrieve correct codes using all or just part of the descriptor. Literally thousands of unnecessary keystrokes can be eliminated, which means hours of extra time are saved!

In-House Message System

Horizon allows you to send Electronic messages to other users -- or to yourself -- for delivery immediately or at a time you set in the future. It is great for reminders (no need for sticky notes or a separate calendar) and for communicating with hard-to-reach people like physicians. Remote offices find it much better than playing "phone tag".

Special Code Fields

Special code fields allow you to group, identify, or cluster patients any way you want. Reports are then generated according to your specifications.

On-screen Insurance Reference

Horizon enables you to input and then easily access information you need to reference about specific insurance companies (e.g., phone numbers, contact names, policy coverage, pre-certification requirements, etc.). Anyone in the office can recall the complete and current notes on an insurance company by simply pressing the insurance key in the menu.

Managed Care Plan Management

Horizon's Managed Care module allows you to evaluate whether your relationships with Managed Care Plans are profitable. It also provides referral authorization number management and tracking for both primary care physicians and specialists.

Automatic Auditing of Work

Horizon's "self-diagnosis" feature automatically and continuously checks for data consistency, and will identify procedural and data entry errors as they occur. For example, when you register a new patient, the system recalls similar patient names, account numbers, insurance companies, etc., from past entries so you can avoid duplicating entries.

In addition, Horizon checks statements before you print them, and audits insurance data before you submit claims. These steps help you improve the accuracy and completeness of information to ensure acceptance and speed up payment.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling (APS) helps you keep appointments full for maximum resource utilization. On command, the system generates a missed appointment list for follow-up with patients. Our "recall reminder" feature generates letters, post cards, or telephone listings at times you set.

APS is not just an "appointment logger". Instead, it uses parameters you have set (e.g., type of procedure, type of insurance, a particular physician's preferred schedule, facility considerations) and combines them with a patient's needs to automatically offer suggested times. Anyone using the system can retrieve information and schedule an appointment right from their workstation … with no risk of overbooking … and no need to know the master scheduling plan. APS will also provide automatic warnings such as "Need referral" or "Patient in collection".

Encounter forms automatically print for each day's schedule, as does an alphabetical listing of patients to help in pulling charts. You can also print a daily schedule that summarizes the types of patients (e.g., type of managed care plan) so the office can control the number of appointments set in any particular category!

Digital Archive System

Depending on patient volume, you may occasionally want to purge "old" inactive patient accounts from the files. Horizon allows you to quickly archive inactive accounts to a separate "archive area" of your hard disk, or optionally to a separate hard disk in your computer instead of printing out the information and storing boxes of paper for future reference. If you later need to access or reactivate an archived account, the information is automatically reformatted and transferred to active status.

Hospital Census and Rounds Report System

This feature simplifies the doctor's job by keeping track of hospital patients and obligations, by hospital, in room number order. The rounds report includes important patient information, including diagnosis and referring physician, and provides an easy way to record and document services provided. It simplifies capturing information for charging purposes.

Horizon will hold all insurance and patient billing for hospitalized patients until they are discharged from the hospital, and will then resume automatic processing under the billing plan you have defined. At any time, however, you may elect to begin billing before discharge.

Complete Audit Trail and Data Security

Data can be secured with User I.D.s, passwords, "specific blocks", automatic record-locking and file protection. These controls assure that only individuals with valid authorization can access data and perform the operations you specify. You can even restrict a user's access to a time of day, menu, or sub-menu item! The system manager can be notified through the messaging system that a user attempted a restricted operation.

Horizon also contains numerous internal validity checks of data, and flashes a warning about any imbalances that need to be reconciled. It provides an extra security step to protect the physician from possible embezzlement. If any entries are changed or deleted, they are recorded in an audit trail file for reference and also print on the posted day sheet report so management can identify and question inappropriate entries. Certain critical maintenance features (like editing balances, or deleting histories) require a continuously changing, unique password which must be provided by outside AMS personnel.

Financial Records

Horizon provides financial data based on generally accepted accounting principles. It provides both detail and summary reports for direct use by your CPA. You can customize the system so transactions are posted to your normal accounts.