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Medical billing for Any Size Operation

Horizon comes in versions to suit any size practice. It works superbly for small single-physician offices with one user. It's also optimized for large multiple facility operations with over 200 users. The great news is that your system can grow incrementally as your business grows -- and at reasonable cost!

The standard Horizon system is designed for a physician practice with one data set (that is, utilizing one tax identification number). A physician practice, of course, often encompasses many providers, numerous users, and multiple locations--and Horizon accommodates all variations easily.

If an installation such as a Billing Service requires multiple practice data sets, Horizon includes several unique features to facilitate this specialized type of work.

Versions for Different Medical Specialties

Certain medical specialties require special handling of data for billing purposes. For example, anesthesiologists must bill in minutes rather than units; Podiatrists require additional documentation for filing claims; Surgeons specify dates for assuming and relinquishing care. Horizon will manage practically every medical specialty. Your system can be set to ensure that the program will correctly collect and process any unusual data for different specialties.

Horizon Will Meet Your Operational Requirements

With literally hundreds of system options, you can tailor Horizon to meet your specific financial and operational requirements without the need for custom programming.

For example, do you want to run Open Item or Balance Forward accounting? Do you want to bill each day or collect charges for several days before filing to insurance (perhaps for patients in a hospital)? Do you want to design one or several different face sheets (encounter forms) for your doctors? Horizon allows them all ... and more!