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What our clients are saying

"We run 7 remote sites and 70 workstations off of one PC server ... We represent 7 different medical specialties ... Our Horizon system has been in use for 2 years now and IT WORKS GREAT!"

University Owned Family Practice, Biddeford, Maine

"Our 5 PCs connected to the Horizon system OVER THE INTERNET run FASTER than our previous in-house RISC 6000 Medic Tiger system. We can't believe it!"

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery practice, Jacksonville Beach, Florida

"The remote access capability is SO EASY EVEN A DOCTOR CAN USE IT! I do work from home all the time ... and I really love the Appointment Scheduler. We have total control of our receivables and understand our practice better than ever before."

Pediatric practice, St. Simon's Island, Georgia

"The new employees pick it up so easily, it's amazing! Horizon makes sense. It's just that simple. What an incredible improvement over Medic (our previous system)."

Internal Medicine practice, Jacksonville, Florida

"Let me tell you, changing from the PCN / Versys system to Horizon was one of the best things we've ever done! THIS IS AN OFFICE MANAGER'S DREAM! I could go on and on, but just a few of the tremendous benefits:

We've connected our main office, 3 remote offices and 2 individuals from home using regular phone lines ... the speed is incredible. One truly unique feature is my (practice manager's) ability to see who is on the system at any time and what they're doing, and also to "peek" at their screens. That has saved me so much time in troubleshooting and training ... I don't have to be on the road all the time!

Because data entry and regular billing are so easy and comprehensive, it has freed us to do follow-up and management work. Our collection rate has really soared! Before Horizon we were always behind ... we're now caught up and some people have even been able to go back to part-time status. The doctors are impressed!

The modules are great! Appointment Scheduling is really superb ... With the choice of using either Open Item or Balance Forward accounting, I can satisfy all my doctors' wants ... and with the Collection System, which merges patient information, it takes no time to generate letters to slow pay patients.

EVERYONE I've ever trained or taught to use the system has picked it right up. It's so easy and common sense."

Pediatric practice, Jacksonville, Florida

"We recently started up a brand new family practice and decided to go "paperless" (or virtually so). Horizon has become the "heart" of our new operation. It not only handles our billing and management functions, it also feeds appointment and patient data to our new Clinical Charting System. Horizon updates the doctors' hand-held units every 20 or 30 seconds ... The setup went very smoothly!"

Family Medicine, Elkin, North Carolina

"Over the past 10 years, Horizon has allowed our practice to grow effortlessly. We've evolved from a single-user single-doctor practice to a 5-user multiple physician network operation. Because we can be so flexible in hardware configuration, it has met our needs at all stages VERY ECONOMICALLY. We LOVE the system."

General Surgery practice, St. Albans, Vermont

"Before we switched to Horizon in December 1999, we THOUGHT we were satisfied with our PCN / Versys system. That's before we saw what Horizon could do for us! After an easy data conversion, we now use all the modules and they work great.

"Although our dealer is long distance, we almost never use the phones. We receive support and even updates over the Internet. They can "peek" at what we're doing, teach us where we went wrong, fix any problems, and get us back on track quickly. It's amazing!"

Vein Clinic, Fullerton, California

"In 17 years we've NEVER had any down time. The staff loves the system and it keeps getting better. It's the best investment we could have made!"

Anesthesia Billing Service, Jacksonville, Florida

"We're an extremely large OBGYN group operating on a network ... Our Horizon billing and practice management system has allowed us not only to operate from several offices, but also to tie in to the hospital for accessing inpatient and outpatient information and getting lab results."

Obstetrics & Gynecology practice, Waterville, Maine

"I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with your company for the past 14-15 years ... We are now very excited about the newest, most recent upgrade ... I have told my doctors many times 'if this computer system goes, I go!' ... We look forward to working with you in the year 2000 and beyond!"

Opthamology practice, St. Augustine, Florida

"I love it! Our cash flow improved immensely! Wouldn't have any other system."

Family Practice, Delaware, Ohio

"Our business is billing and management consulting for a number of medical practices. EVERY ONE OF OUR CLIENTS IS CONNECTED TO OUR SERVER IN A REAL TIME ENVIRONMENT. Because of Horizon's Internet connectivity, we don't have to pay for special telephone lines or long distance charges, and our costs have dropped DRAMATICALLY. Because we no longer had geographical limitations, we were even able to close down a satellite office...."

Billing Service, Charlotte, North Carolina

"We've found that Horizon works great for all 6 of our doctors even though they're in multiple specialties. You can customize so much so easily, and then it automatically processes work correctly so we don't have to remember all the exceptions ... We've been with Horizon 11 years and operate 1 remote office ... We're extremely pleased and would recommend it to anyone!"

Multi-specialty practice, Dover, New Hampshire

"We recently switched to Horizon from the Medic system. The conversion went really well! Our dealer transferred all the data we needed to convert ... and did it without any assistance or charges from the previous software vendor. We were up and running smoothly, and are really impressed with Horizon!"

Family Practice, Jonesville, North Carolina

"We had Medical Manager for years before converting to Horizon. In comparison, Horizon is SO MUCH BETTER. It's so easy to use and understand, WE'RE DOING THINGS WE NEVER DREAMED OF WITH THE OTHER SYSTEM. We all love it!"

Urology practice, Jacksonville, Florida

"Long distance isn't a problem. Every issue we've ever had has been addressed without someone local and without delay. Troubleshooting and updates are done through our modem. Horizon is a wonderful system...."

Vein Clinic, West Palm Beach, Florida

"From my standpoint, the best thing about Horizon is its simplicity. It's so easy to train new staff ...."

Billing Service, Brunswick, Georgia

"We are a new family practice just starting out. We looked at many billing systems and compared prices and features ... we are SO HAPPY we now have Horizon, especially when we hear about the trouble other offices have with their software! We haven't had any trouble. Horizon is so easy to use. We especially enjoy the multiple sessioning capability. You can quickly jump back and forth performing multiple tasks at the same time and the speed of the computer NEVER slows down!"

Family Practice, Sunbury, Ohio

"Horizon is wonderful! It has made our lives so much easier by decreasing our work load and increasing our productivity! Having been a customer since 1989, we have experienced the highest quality...and have continually been impressed with the upgrades that have been supplied addressing updated issues....

Pediatric practice, Jacksonville, Florida

"I have worked in the medical field for 8 years with 5 major billing systems. I have found that Horizon is the most practical and user friendly ... the self-explanatory menu, the clear graphics and the dynamic customer service that we have received has certainly made our transition effortless and smooth."

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery practice, Charlotte, North Carolina

"With a combined experience of thirty-one years in health care, we have had the opportunity to view and use numerous software packages. Without exception, Horizon is definitely the easiest, most efficient, and by far the most economical of any ... Horizon's outstanding features are many, but to name just a few:

Appointment scheduling is almost effortless...

Remote access to our secondary office via modem makes for efficient communication. Just the Message System alone has been invaluable!

With the wide range of reports which are quickly accessible, we are able to constantly monitor insurance allowances, physician referrals, facility services, promised payments, etc., etc., etc.

"On occasion we have been offered positions with other offices and these offers have been turned down because of their computer software. We would never consider working on anything other than Horizon...."

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Jacksonville Beach, Florida

"We were EXTREMELY UNHAPPY WITH OUR PREVIOUS CS Research System. The old system would go down almost daily and we experienced major support issues. We were having collections and cash flow problems, and ended up writing off literally thousands of dollars in lost collections.

"EVERYTHING CHANGED FOR THE BEST WHEN WE GOT HORIZON! All the patient data we needed was easily electronically converted from our old system. We were up and running in a matter of days! With Horizon's billing and management capabilities and wide range of reports, we're always 'right on top'. We have NEVER experienced cash flow problems or system problems since.

"I must say purchasing Horizon was one of the best investment decisions I've ever made!"

Family Practice, Columbus, Ohio